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Originally Posted by roboz
Well they do (did) but it's been a while is a car that would do a steady 20+MPG with a bullet proof slant 6 , ususally good for 150K+ miles...if properly maintained....Plus I'm biased since I picked up a nice little 225 slant 6 1963 Dart GT coupe coming out of paint this week...from the Original Owner ...Black w/Red interior & that infamous push button tranny ....overall car was rock solid for a 43 year old. Maybe The Big 3 should continue to go 'back to the future'.
I had one of those, it ran forever. In fact it ran too long. It just wouldn't die. I don't think they would sell many of those today. That 225 put out about 125hp, and they measured gross hp in those days, and got 18 to 23 mpg. The fuel system was a two barrel Stromberg carburetor, and I loved changing the points and plugs every 20 thousand miles. You could probably get away with changing the oil every 3000 miles today because of the quality of the oil, but in those days you needed to change the oil at least every 1500. Those engines burned dirtier then hell. Not exactly low maintenance. Not exactly high tech.

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