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All these D'oh 's are bringing back some fond memories.

I was just 15, no license, driving a 2 year old 1977 Mustang hatch back with a manual tranny and a 302. My "big brothers" car, he was a cop and had taught me all the 'cop driving' skills it that car. Man what fun that thing was, 360's at 60 mph, reverse to forward 180's on narrow city streets, smokin the tires in all the grears...etc.

We're coming back from a cop party, he had a bit too much to drink so he let me drive. Long country highway central Illinois. Spot a deer standing at the side of the road just staring at me coming up about 60. I skoot over to the further lane, brother looks up and says just don't slow down...he may run in front of us. As he finishes saying that, the deer bolts straight across the road. I drop a gear, mash the pedal and BAM that deer ran right dead center into the passenger door, flips up over the roof, and he's gone in the darkness.

Brother got knocked damn near into my lap. He sobered up, was p*ssed about the car. At least he agreed with my reaction, said that had I tried to slow down or anything else that deer would have been coming thru the windshield at us. Poor mustang.

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