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Originally Posted by Waxed'05 GT
Do you find visibility a problem at all with the rear window being so dark?

I'm thinking like 60% all the way around.

Hey fellas; post pics and describe what % the tint is so "us guys" that want tint can make a decision each of us would be happy with.
The short answer is No, I do not find any visibilty issues with the window tint. As I mentioned, I tint the windows of all my cars. Now when I had my Eclipse, the front windows were 15%, and the rear windows were 5% limo tint...too dark. I am now so used to the window tints that I do not even notice them. In fact on the Mustang, I have bigger visibility issues with my ducktail than I do with the window tint. Plus on my Mustang, the top is usually down when I drive it. I have a few pics of my car witht he top up and the windows up, you can still easily see out through the windows, even at night. But in my opinion, they look good.
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