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Originally Posted by pcfrisch
Even if that thing has 600HP, it's still HEAVY. I really doubt it could beat you.
Like 2006GT said above, I've seen big old 1-ton crew cab dually 4X4's run low 11's with these boxes and trans tuners (and yeah, they look funny as all get out doing it). A stock 06 Mustang GT is good for 13.6 or so at best with stock street tires. That adds up to a good possibility that the truck could win.

Has he ever run the truck on the track before? If so, how did it do or would this be the first time for him also?

Either way, go ahead and hit the track just to have a great time.

BTW, my best time before the Flowmasters (I haven't been back since I put them on) was 13.678 seconds at 103.something MPH (without removing the spare and jack) and I'm a novice at drag racing. Dynoing it on a Mustang Dyno after the Flowmasters came in at 261HP and 275 TQ.

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