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Do what you like, but you'll have fun racing. I race my car on the track, and one night I was able to give my wife two rides down the track and she loved it.
Here's a video of me racing a Dodge pickup with NOS, and I have a 05 mustang GT with the Saleen supercharger.

Depending on the track prep and how bad you spin the tires on take off, I won't race on the track with street tires anymore. I fishtailed real bad one night where I went into the other lane and headed for the wall, lucky for me I fishtailed a fourth time and went back into my lane. If you race him, make a few runs down the track first to get use to it and then race him. Get some pointers from the guys at the track on what to do and not to do. If you fishtail, LET OFF THE GAS and keep the front wheels pointed down the track. Don't try to over correct, that's what I did and I fishtailed four time in that one run, plus that was with street tire.

Don't let me scare you. It is a lot of fun, you just need to know what your doing and you'll do fine.
If you do race him, VIDEO tape it and we can make fun of him when you win (J/K). But do video tape. Best of luck if you race and if you don't that's fine also.

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