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Originally Posted by JetBlack
The Californians who move here for the legal freedom are trying to change Idaho into California though.
It is ironic you say that about Californians, for here in Cali, yes we have a smog inspection (every two or three years) and no we can not have our front windows tinted more than 70% (close to factory "smoked" windows) and that is due to CHP officers not liking getting shot at (reasonable). But we can have any of our windows behind the driver as dark as we want to go (hence why I have 5% limo tint). But what we do not have here in Cali is a saftey inspection. At best, the DMV may inspect the VIN and plates and that it is a complete car. Just like where you are at, if anything goes wrong, count on being on the hook for that. For it is the driver's responsibility to have a safe and legal vehicl on the roadways.
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