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That really sucks, I was thinking about getting their k-member and lower control arms, but after reading stuff like this I would rather not take the chance...

You can only screw so many people with bad parts before your rep goes to hell...

Originally Posted by 2K05GT
I was suckered into buying their Throttle Body, My car did not run right, I lost power on the dyno and it threw codes, I sent it back and all they did was add some grease to the gears, well the grease wore off and back to Idle surges and codes. I had the POS over three months and could not return it. I took it to two tuners and they could not get it working. I spent 400 bucks on the TB, plus over 400 on tunes and tuners. it now sits there on my work bench reminding me NEVER TO BUY GMS CRAP AGAIN....
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