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Must have mods? or modding for Dummies...

As a newer owner, recently bitten by the bug- I've been trying to do a lot of research on modifying my new baby ('o6 GT Vert, auto)....

Well- I'm finding a lot of info- but I'm all over the place! I think if I had a $10K budget- it would be easy- but doing it in moderation is a lot harder!

So, I guess what Im looking for is a "Mod for Dummies" site or FAQ or something. Or, if others have put together a PLAN for their work- Id love to see it! Im trying to create a prioritized list. Perhaps starting with the "bolt-on" options- netting the best bang for buck.

What are your opinions on the "no-brainer" performance mods (if such things exist)?

For instance, I seem to see a general agreement on K&N filters as a cheap and easy upgrade.... but then again- their CAI kit looks solid too?

Ditto for things like re-programming the chip, slapping on Flowmasters, etc.

Has anyone found or created a comprehensive shopping list?

(the only thing I've changed so far in the license plate holder) :-)

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