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Originally Posted by CHICO13
No extra care. They just tell you not to roll the windows down for about two days to let the film adhere correctly. They truly did a great job, no bubbles or peeling or anything. Like I said, it might cost you a bit more but it's worth it when you see the end result.

And my car is black too and with the tint it looks awesome.
extra care would be don't clean windows with any abrasive other words don't use anything with amonia in it or your tint will probably turn purple, which is horrible.

i got mine tinted to 20% which i think is perfect...i'd do the same all around as it looks better than having different levels. check your laws though.

i have recently seen a few scratches in my tint over that last month, when i got it done it has lifetime warranty so i'll be taking it back to get redone. only thing that sucks is waiting a few days until windows can go down.

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