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Originally Posted by Zcat
Hey dude, glad to see this. I ordered my HO Whipple a few weeks ago and was told that they were waitting on fuel pumps that should be in by now. I was informed last week that they would ship 1st week of September. Like you, I am supposed to be one of the 1st, if the pumps are in I suspect they will be shipping out quickly, as Whipple has let alot of sales get away being so late to enter the game, so they have ground to make up. I do believe that for those who were patient, the kit will be awesome though and looks killer too ( I ordered the polished)! Its going on my 06 Roush convert and I also will be selling a C&L plus a Pred tuner. I do have the SLP long tubes, x pipe , those should help the Whipple breath a little !
As far as internals, well we will just have to see. I figure if you buy one of these & it blows then its time for some upgrades :eyepoppin !
I have a ZX12 Kawasaki that everybody said I couldn't get away with more than 8 lbs of boost on street gas. I run 16 lbs plus a 50 hp dry shot and have been playing with that thing for about 12000 miles without issue, except for a problem with rear tires
You're a freak bro:eyepoppin I can't imagine that kind of boost on a 12...I had one before my zx10 and the thought of either one of them with an extra dose of hp from boost is nutty.

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