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Originally Posted by ddellwo
The model is going on 3 years old now -- the fact that the cars have retained their values this long is amazing!

Supply is starting to catch up with demand (guys who really wanted GT's have got them), gas prices are measurably higher than when the car was released (and are likely to stay high), competition is creeping into the market (Camaro and Challenger loom on the horizon), and even some "Ford diehards" are going to start to wait for the restyled Mustang to hit the streets in '09 (unfortunately a less retro version from what I hear).

Add to it the fact that MOST people think their cars are worth WAY more than they really are leaves a person sitting exactly where you are today.....
Supply is catching up with demand. I paid $24,000 for my deluxe, manual tranny 06 GT last Christmas and the local dealer is now selling a similar car for $22,000. Ford is giving a rebate to clear out the 06's and that makes a difference. When the rebates are over and the 06's are gone, prices of a used GT should stabilize a bit. In general, any new car is going to depreciate like crazy for the first three years or so. The 05 Mustangs held their value well when there was more demand for the new model than there was supply. Those days are over.
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