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Originally Posted by GTNOS
like i have said before. mustangs have never been very good at holding thier value. i believe one reason is because there are so many of them. i love my car, but did NOT buy it as an investment. cars are not good investments anyway. no one can predict what models will be future collectibles. sports / muscle cars like mustangs camaros, and firebirds are traditionally seen as a "lose your a$$ on" type of a purchase. those vehicles just dont hold value very good. and the fact that you can get a new 07 for 0% at sticker and maybe even below now aint helping... bottom line, youll never get more than what you paid for it. period. but rest assured, you still have one helluva car...
Ironically speaking, in order for my brother to take advantage of Ford's 05 financing, he just traded in his '05 F150 for a '06 F-150. Here is the good part...the dealer gave him $18,500 for his low mileage, F-150 XL, extended cab, 2-whl drive....whereas he only paid $18,200 for the truck brand new in Jnauary 2005 (he bought the truck new from the same dealer). So once in awhile (apparently a great while) a car comes along that holds enough value to be worthwile (Hondas often resell for as much as a new one). Although our Stangs may be depreciating, apparently Ford still has at least one vehicle doing well.

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