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Originally Posted by 1naylor View Post
Shane we've already done all of that.

Every time I get a new tune - the car is slower. My latest 93 tune now has the car running a 6.3 second 0-60 in cool morning air.

My idle was all jacked up on the previous tune from Bama. And I was hoping you guys could get the performance back. So I did some data logs - sent them in.

I got a new tune - the email said he fixed the idle.

I asked if there was anything else done and he said no.

At this point I'm running 93 octane for no reason. I either want a tune that does something or just go back to stock and run 87.

After I got the first tunes I realized I had made a mistake. Went to the AM website to see what it said about returns. Of course no returns on tuners.

I spoke with Don from Bama and he filled me in or your conversation. He also mentioned there were some tune adjustments he found that should help. However, if this latest tune doesn't do the trick I will get our lead Bama Calibrator involved.

We'll continue to work with you until the tune is dialed in perfectly. I am confident we'll be able to get your tune operating right where you want it!

Keep me updated with your latest tune, so I know where we stand. Also, please let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with!


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