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Originally Posted by AMShaneLesky View Post

I spoke with Don from Bama and he filled me in or your conversation. He also mentioned there were some tune adjustments he found that should help. However, if this latest tune doesn't do the trick I will get our lead Bama Calibrator involved.

We'll continue to work with you until the tune is dialed in perfectly. I am confident we'll be able to get your tune operating right where you want it!

Keep me updated with your latest tune, so I know where we stand. Also, please let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with!


I ran Bama tunes in my naturally aspirated '11 3.7 Mustangs for almost two years and was able to run a 12.91 @ 106.3 MPH with your 93H tune. The service that was provided to me over the two years was very good.

I have since got Lund Racing to tune my car and have gotten my times down to a 12.63 @ 108.9 MPH, with their tune and a few more mods.

My question to you is why are people getting numerous tune revisions to their Bama tunes (including datalogs) and then they switch to a different tuner (MPT) like mentioned above and their initial tune performs so much better than the 'revised' Bama tunes?

I'm not trying to be critical, it is just an observation and I know many other people are wondering the same thing. I know that there has been some tuners that worked for Bama in the past; like Mike Wilson for example, that no longer work there.

Curious to hear your take on this!

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