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Originally Posted by <3_3.7 View Post
You beat me to the punch. It sure would save Bama a lot of money and make customers happy if the tunes were closer to where they should be at the first or second try. I got good support for three years too, but datalogging takes time and money. Why does a user have to get to the point they feel like they have to call Bama out in a forum?
I think there are plenty of current and potential Bama customers that are wondering the same thing.

Originally Posted by 2012v6Pony View Post
Not to be cynical or anything but I would have to ask how many of our 3.7's have over 100k on these "hot" tunes from MPT or Steeda that they are using at the strip? Maybe I am wrong and there are lots of 3.7s out there with tons of miles on these same "hot" MPT or Steeda tunes.

But I am pretty sure that almost all of the tunes BAMA has sent out no doubt are on the "safe" side for DD considerations. I know that I (like many) run the BAMA 93R tune in my DD but I am not going to dream it's going to be the "best" when running down a strip that's just wishing to have your cake and eat it too IMHO.

If you are getting tunes just for your 1/8th or 1/4 then sure I am betting there are lots of tweaks that "can" be done the question is how is it going to be if you leave it in there long term?

For instance running mildly lean short term would be more performance, long term... well don't expect to have much of a long term. IE you are not going to be able to use it as a DD.

Hell you know even just going lighter weight on your engine oil will increase times too right? but who's going to go there, and then expect it to function as normal for their DD?

Just tossing it out there
I too have been a little 'skeptical' of the MPT tunes. I wondered if they were super aggressive right from the start. I do know someone that has gotten one of their tunes and noticed an increase in power over a multiple revision Bama tune and says his datalogs with the MPT look good.

As for my Lund Racing tune, I use the same tune (93 octane) on my car at the drag strip that I use on it everyday. My car still gets 28-30 MPG on the highway with 3.73 gears and gets 21-22 MPG in my daily commute. I have dataloged my Lund tune several times and the tune is definitely safe for daily use!

There are things that can be changed in the tune that doesn't increase the power of the car but helps you be able to put that power to its best use!

Originally Posted by HowellDoug View Post
Thank you for this viewpoint, because it's been my thought all along.

I went with Bama for tunes, and though I feel there may be a bit they are leaving on the table, my car is my DD; it's not some dedicated track car and I'm not willing to run a tune that could be detrimental to my car down the road.

The other thing I've observed, is people are saying "I was running XXX with a Bama tune, but after 40 runs I switched to XXX and my times are better." You don't think 40 runs down the same track have helped hone your driving skills a bit? How much of the increase in performance is from the tune? How much is from the skill they've picked up?

Just food for thought and my 2 cents.
I have been drag racing stick shift cars for over 30 years now and I'm not driving my car any better with the Lund Racing tune than I did with the Bama tune.

Many of the cars that are running better times with other tunes have automatic cars. The guys with those cars have already figured out how to launch their cars and then the trans just does its thing. When you leave at the same RPM in the auto car and let the trans shift itself, the difference in the track time is coming from the difference in the tunes not the driver!
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