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Not to be cynical or anything but I would have to ask how many of our 3.7's have over 100k on these "hot" tunes from MPT or Steeda that they are using at the strip? Maybe I am wrong and there are lots of 3.7s out there with tons of miles on these same "hot" MPT or Steeda tunes.
We have been tuning Mustangs for years ... we have had 0 issues when it comes to our tune being installed on a consumer's car. These are the same tunes we used on our Serialized Vehicles that we sell at Ford Dealerships that carry the Steeda Serialized Vehicle warranty.

We make safe, reliable, and powerful tunes. We can adjust them based on a consumer's request ... don't get a safe/powerful tune confused with "hot" and could potentially damage your investment.

When you purchase from Steeda like Powerwhee ... you have nothing to worry about.

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