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I have Bama, even the aggressive Bama 93 hybrid tune a few of us got. Nice safe tune, quick turn around time for adjustments. Up/down shifting not as smooth as it could be at partial and full throttle.

I also have the 93 MPT performance race tune. Car feels faster, quicker up/down shifting partial/wide open throttle and overall faster. Very noticeable performance difference from loading the standard MPT 93 performance race tune over the aggressive Bama 93 hybrid race tune. Its thats noticeable!

I run my MPT tune over the Bama tune. Mike has worked with me on my tune to be even more aggressive and setup the way I wanted it over the standard MPT 93 performance race tune you get. Mike adjusted my tune for every mod I've put on, even the shorty headers that Bama said didn't need adjusting. Just from conversations in emails back and forth along with the pid's he asked me to log, and the specific type of datalogs he wanted, I can tell you he knows what the hell he's doing. He's fixed any issue's I've had or changes I wanted (including the 13' auto trans shifting issues) until they were corrected. If that meant for me to log different pids or record a different type of datalog then so be it. The ONLY down side to MPT is about 3-5 days turn around between revisions.

Now if others want to run different tunes then MPT thats fine with me. Less MPT cars running around my area, the better for me.

I've owned a few fast and tuned cars in my day, Mike @ MPT knows wtf hes doing.

That's my worth.
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