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Yea Jason, some think I'm insane, but if you've had a 12 you know that 170 RWHP starts feeling lame just like our 270 RWHP stock on the GT's. Its all relevant - the thing that scares me most on the turbobike is that it doesn't scare me anymore - LOL! That and blue lights - it would be hard explaining to the judge exactly why I was doing 200 mph ! Losing my licence would be a major downer - if you make a mistake at the speed that bike is capable of, chances are you will not feel it --- very long at least! Really, the machine is set up - stretched & lowered - so it feels rock solid like it on a rail. Oh, by the way , I'm selling it, so $15,000 will put someone on one of the trickest streetbikes in the world . A bike that will blow your mind from 50 mph to 200 mph ( disorienting at 1st! ) if you like that sort of thing and then set there & idle like a stocker when you pull over.:eyepoppin
The Whipple is supposed to ship out this week, latest by friday. I talked to Mike (at Whipple ) last Friday and he was pretty sure - 150 kits out this week, the only thing lacking was the fuel pump and I believe they have been shipped to Whipple already - somewhere in transit. I know its taken a long time, but I do think it will be worth the wait to have this kit. I almost changed my order to KB also ( I know this is a great kit too ) , but I just think the whipple will look much tricker and both kits will kick ass. My card was charged for the kit so usually that means delivery is comming rapidly.
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