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Originally Posted by citruspilot
Heres what I want to know. How does a "new' car get trophies? I mean its new right? There shouldnt be anything worn, torn, or abused. I see alot of newer Mustangs with these trophies and I wonder what they went up against............ A 1970 Mustang with 70,000 miles thats been sitting in someones garage?

Just wondering thats all.................

You're absolutely right and I felt the same way until I had my first show. I was showing my 96 GT that we'd had for a year and had bought in 99. It appeared clean and perfect But you'd be surprised at the detail that's involved in getting even a new car "show ready". There are nooks and crannys that can need attention straight from the dealer. I have an appreciation for showing new cars that I didn't before. As stated above as well, they typically have the cars in different classes so the idea of a person driving a car off the lot straight to a show and beating a clean and straight vintage Stang won't happen.

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