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maybe a tune would pay-off

Originally Posted by tyler.anderson
Hey I was thinking about getting a 2005+ GT or Cobra. I see that if people baby the GT's they can get about 26 mpg. What can you do to increase mileage in these for cheap. Off the top of my head I was thinking maybe get a K&N air filter, powerchip?, diff exhaust. If you get a few of these things to increase mileage could you bump it up to 30 mpg?


P.S. Dont tell me you shouldn't be getting one if your worried about the mileage :hihi:

Hi Tyler, how many miles do you do annually? It really would have to be quite high for any of the mods to pay off. If you just want to lean out the mixture for economy purposes perhaps a tuning unit and an off-the-shelf tune would help but even then you can buy a lot of gas for $500. I'd be surprised if you see more than 1-2mpg improvement with CAI / tune - I don't see any with my GT because I make use of the better performance. Changing axel back exhausts will do little if anything for fuel economy. The greatest variable in gas mileage is driving style.

I'm a fairly low mileage user - ~7000 a year - and the way I look at it, I've already spent ~$30k of the car and depreciation is the highest cost of car ownership so I might as well enjoy every cent of it even at the expense of gas mileage. Guess what I'm saying is, I understand your desire to improve gas mileage, but just make sure the GT still puts a smile on your face when you "baby" it around :eyepoppin Oh, and don't think about a Supercharger.

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