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Originally Posted by Kohaku
Good to hear it started.

If the hood is popped, can you arm the security system?
If the car is off it's wheels and covered, do you need the alarm on?

Some leave a trickle charger on the battery. It's better for it anyway.
Hardcore will take the battery out to store a car for more than four months.
They'll also change the oil before AND after storing a vehicle.
Um, for the winter I use a trickle charger. I change the oil late fall and very early spring, even though I am using full syn. I figure more than anything... I'm taking care of any water build up problems. This past winter I started it once every other week to run the a/c, get the tires in a different position, etc by driving it around the block and back into the garage. (only if no snow was on the streets and salt was not present) So blocks may not be a good option after all.
Ask 10 different people on how to store a car, get 10 different answers.

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