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Yes, another Hurst shifter thread

I searched the threads, and didn't find a whole lot on this one:

I installed the Hurst shifter, and while it is nice and positive shifting around town, just cruising around, when I want to shift through the gears quickly, it simply WON'T. There is no binding, no grinding.

Installation was double-checked- everything installed correctly.

When I try to move up through the gears quickly, no matter how much pressure I apply to the shifter, the gears take forever to mesh/engage. It's horrible, and I cannot imagine trying to drag race with it. The stock shifter actually moved the gears quicker!

Is there something wrong with mine, or is this tremec trans just a slow-shifting mutha? I'm talking about a full second to change a gear!!! Have I been driving transaxles too long?

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