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I like it. It's time for something new. How much longer can you continue to update a retro design? I sure am glad Ford didn't decide to do a modern-retro Mustang II since they are clearly taking the car back to it's more compact roots. Darn, no Mustang Ghia? Say it isn't so!

The grille opening is obviously drawn from the Evos concept which is inspired by Aston Martin and becoming Ford's new corporate face for it's cars. However, it is not too far from the current shape of the 2013-14 Mustang grille. The biggest departure is the headlight shape which I see some of the 99-04 headlights in this new design (just flipped upside down).

One thing that isn't clear is whether the greenhouse will continue with the triangular fastback rear quarter windows or go back to the coupe/notchback style windows adjoining the door glass. I am hoping for the latter.

Mustang sales have been declining, so if we want to continue to enjoy being able to buy these, we have to accept some changes that are inevitable when shifting to a more global platform. While I hope the new model renews interest among American buyers, the success of this car elsewhere will make it easier for Ford to make a profit on a vehicle with less than stellar numbers stateside.

To all who keep calling it a Fusion coupe, don't be so ridiculous. This has all the right proportions of a RWD car (long hood, short rear deck), is a RWD car, and will be available with a V8 hopefully packing a few more ponies (and 400 less lbs to haul around). Should be good.

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