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I think maybe there's something wrong with your unit. I've had nothing but a positive experience with mine, so I'm pretty sure the parts not a POS, (although it may just not be what you were looking for). After I installed mine, it took a short while to master the extra effort required, but once I mastered that and practiced syncing my clutch foot up with the faster shifts, there is a noticeable increase in the speed with which I can move thru the gears - this translates into a bigger fun factor on highway onramps for me (I don't race), though one guy in a previous thread mentions better ETs at the track too.

That being said, based on the specs I've seen and some compelling argument from Gig4fun, this is NOT the best unit available. I think its got good value for looks and snappier around town shifting - but, as Gig4fun will tell you, for serious applications, its probably better to spend the extra $ and get one of the other ones.
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