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Originally Posted by iplaydat
Actually most people here where I live outside of the metro Seattle area are in love with trucks, and jacked up ones! So even if it were a V8 they are still gonna say it's not a truck. My son is just happy to not have to drive a truck. Nothing wrong with them, we just like Mustangs. Due in part to my son's great guitar playing(and he's a nice guy), he is well respected among his peers and teachers(Everybody plays guitar here I guess. There's even a high school class for it). Oh, sorry if this is turning into a shrine to my son! Okay, here's a picture of him with his new baby(oops, his mother's car!).

I hear v8 trash talk at least once a week My buddies all drive mustangs. GT (modded, lowered, 4.10s), GT (supercharged), 07 GT, Bullit, Mach 1, then my sixbanger pulls up and parks next to them.
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