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Originally Posted by remy78
Great first car....but be at school will tease him "it's not a V8" evem though they're taking the busto school lol.

MY first car you guys would have killed my parents...twas a 65' Fairlane500 me and my pops built as our "bonding time" he did it with my 4 brothers also with glass packs and about L O U D :eyepoppin we got to pick a POS car when we were 13-14 and buid it up to how we wanted it. still got it back home...also had a 88 Merc for the winter days
haha I'm that kid, but I have a v8 so I got rights.

Anyway I like your red one, lookin nice haha if I were your son I'd be jealous

and props to the guy said never make a stang your first car lol.. i'm a prime example.. 02 gt my first one.. now an 06 gt.. 6 tickets later

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