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Originally Posted by pcfrisch
Mount a wheely bar on the back.
Why would you take a car to the track if you can't shift that great?
Not sure what you mean by that exactly. If you are referring to my shifter/tranny problems, I had a friend with a new mustang drive my car this evening, and he tells me that I am imagining my synchro problem- the fact that it doesn't shift like a small foreign transaxle car is not necesarily a bad's just a different design.

If you are implying that I can't shift the car, well, I have been driving a stick for almost 30 years, and have had plenty of quick 4 & 5-speed cars. I would just like to get through the gears faster in this car, that's all, and I'd like to do it without abusing the Hell out of the synchros and forks.

Also- I totally forgot that I have a steerable wheely bar on the back, no problem steering with the front wheels off the ground! :hihi:

On a side note, it is interesting that the Tremec uses a transaxle style shifting linkage (single rod). I guess that is the norm these days.
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