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Originally Posted by 5twenty
Congratulations, helicfii!! You will be hooked forever. When you pull up to the starting line for the first time your heart will be pounding out of your chest.

I raced all last summer with the setup you are running now. You will get no traction from the Pirellis. You will not be able to launch at more than 2500 RPM and I'd start out at 2000 and move up 200 per run until you can find your optimum launch RPM. You won't be able to just dump the clutch, you'll have to feather it a bit. Just get going and when you are hooked up put the pedal to the floor and leave it there!!

Looks like you have stock gears so you will not see 4th gear, but you will use all of third. I seem to remember having difficulty deciding if I should shift to fourth or finishing in third when I had 3.55s, that's how close it is to 4th.

Don't worry about your first couple runs. They'll be bad. But you'll get better really fast.

Here are some realistic, yet lofty goals for someone racing for the first time with your setup:

60' - below 2.15, below 2.10 would be fantastic
1/4 mile: below 13.7; below 13.5 would be fantastic

Most of all have fun. Everyone who goes to the track does.
Excellent advice- thank you. Funny you should mention 13.5 to 13.7..... I told my buddy that my goal is to pull a 13.6. Probably won't happen tomorrow, but maybe someday..
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