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Originally Posted by 65sohc
I don't know if this has any bearing on your problem, but you mentioned removing and lubing the bushings. Does the Hurst by chance use the stock Ford plastic bushings that original stud passes through? I have a Saleen shifter which does use the stock bushings. But whereas the stud slips easily into the original shifter and moves very freely, the bushings fit much more tightly in the Saleen and it is much more difficult to push the stud through. Once the stud passes through it is extremely tight and shift action is very stiff. At first I thought I had overtightened the nut on the stud but after thinking about it some came to the realization that the hole in which the bushings fit is too small, thus pinching the stud. I removed the Saleen and dremeled the hole larger. Mine is significantly easier to shift now, though I'm going to ream it one more time to free it up completely. So, my question to you is: does the stud slide easily through the bushings or is it a pretty tight press fit?
Yes, the Hurst uses the factory plastic bushings, and they slide in with light finger pressure. Everything fits together very nicely with no slop or binding of any kind (none!). I had a friend drive the car today,and he says that I am imagining things- he thinks my trans shift just fine. I am going to take a new 07 out for a "test drive" next week to have something to compare it with. Chances are, I am just used to shifting really wimpy transmissions that flick in and out of gear with much effort at all. The Hurst definately has not helped with the "heaviness" of the shifting in this trans.

Another thing I was wondering, since I cannot get Hurst Tech people on the phone (gave up after 2 calls with a 30 minute wait each time)- is tehre supposed to be a little bit of vertical play in the shifter? Mine has a little (tiny) bit. I do not know if this is normal, since Hurst's "Knowledge Base" is conveniently absent of most problems encountered with shifter installations- it is mostly just which application for which trans type of questions. I sent them an e-mail. Hopefully they will write back. The good thing is that I nave no vibration or noise at all with the unit.
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