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Originally Posted by 5twenty
I used to have the feeling like I had to wait for the sync, also about 1/2 a second. But I have found that I can shift right 'through' the sync and get right in, as fast as I can shift. This effect is more noticable at high RPMS. In fact, that's the only time I'm trying to shift that fast, when he RPMs are above 6000.

Glad to hear that I am not the only one with this complaint. I remember driving a 289 AC Cobra with a Ford tranny that I had no problem at all shifting quickly, and it had a Hurst shifter too! It was not notchy at all.

I took the car out again, and I am learning how to shift it faster- it seems like you have to pre-load the shifter a little prior to clutch disengagement. Timing seems to be everything- not a very forgiving tranny! But I am getting better.
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