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Originally Posted by sincitystang
What I was really surprised about what for the mods that that car should be making more power. I've seen plenty of 03-04 cobras in the same fact, i know someone who has similar mods on his 04 and hes at 530 range. Plus the car is 4000lbs doesnt make it the best performer.. the only reason the C6 can hang is because of its light weight.
I'm (car) naked here..with a sold stang sitting in my driveway ...& paid for don't want to take it out ...meanwhile ..waiting forever on the shelby(s) so I revisited the C-6 ....test drove a vert w/paddle shift but pretty anemic....the auto's have 2:59 rears WTH ! Wife doesn't want to mess w/a stick but after driving the relatively slow vert ...a yellow Z06 caught my eye ...I may take it for a test drive ...scared that if I do ...the heck w/the old lady ...those 505 horses from that 427 aluminum engine...with carbon fiber fenders...magnesium engine mount , titanium valves , hydroformed aluminum frame...heads up display & Nav name just a few goodies ...are starting to look aweful appealing ....this commercial however is keeping me grounded ....although the $$$ is burning the proverbial hole ....
I think I could be happy w/the Z06 & a shelby vert LOL

White GT500 Vert / Blue Stripes- I'm waiting.....
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