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Sorry for the late responses. I'm military so, my time is a little sporadic. Jenvey does indeed have a "fix" as it were, for the aforementioned coolant issue; they already have a crossover that is being used for their 6 ITB intake setup on their 3.7. I'm sure if a company decided to take a stab at this, they'd consider these issues, such as multiple throttle bodies, etc. Maybe the feasibility lies in adopting something similar to the boss manifold, as mentioned previously.

I just hope that someone tackles this intake, issue. To some, the point is moot. But knowing that the air in our stock intake does not distribute itself evenly, does not lend itself to optimization, in my mind. The porting of the stock intakes from Cyclone and Lone Wolf is promising but I think the answer lies in change, not modification.
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