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Tuning for Autocross

I'm using the 87P bama tunes on my car (2012 V6 automatic) for street use, and I'm running 255/45x18s on my car in that configuration.

I recently purchased a set of 285/35x18s (and some wider wheels) for autocross use and will be using the 93R tune. Since these tires will only be on the car for autocross events, will the 93R tune I currently have be okay, or should I get a tune specifically for these tires (remember, my car is an automatic).

I won't be letting the car automatically shift, so my initial impression is that I don't have to worry about it. I want the best possible performance from the car in 1st through 3rd (4th and higher don't matter).

So should I get a new 93R tune just for autocross?

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