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Originally Posted by Born To Run
I have a pair of QTP electric exhaust cut offs with the optional digital control on my 05 GT coupe.I love them, i should have left the stock exhaust on,but i replaced it with Magna Flow,then got exhaust cut offs.I wasted money on cat back exhaust,could have bought & had installed for less than Magna Flow exhaust.You can get any sound you want with this set up, 0% upto 100% open & anywhere in between .Your car can sound like any aftermarket muffler offered,with the OEM ones left on.You should here mine, i have a Kenne Bell 2.6L blower when my cut offs are fully open i set of car alarms with the concussion of noise & power.They are all stainless so you will need a good welder to install them.Hell no one these days know what cut offs are.
I was interested in getting those myself. Is the amount of cutout variable? It appeared from what I could find that it was set somewhere between fully opened and fully closed. How low does it hang? I showed it to my local muffler shop, whose ownere also happens to own a GT and is very familiar with them, and his thoughts were that once you angled the cutoffs down away from the underside of the car, they'd be very low to the ground and vulnerable to damage.

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