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Originally Posted by konabluev6 View Post
I like it, the render "strips" the cover off the spy shot basically. Would be nice to see the rest of the body. Im glad the Mustang is going back to its original size.
I agree. I'm baffled that people are actually complaining about the car getting smaller and (hopefully) lighter. Why wouldn't you want a faster and better handling car? No offense but the S197s are boats. I love my car, but people should be realistic. It could definitely use a diet and more aerodynamic profile.

Originally Posted by powerwhee View Post
Doesn't look to good honestly. The side profile doesn't look like a mustang. Front end isn't TOO bad though
What side profile? The actual test car still has 3/4 of the body covered in thick camo, so I don't know how anyone could make an informed opinion on the side profile of the new car. That other pic is just somebody's render. It looks like a photoshopped S197. Wait for the real thing to get uncovered.

Originally Posted by fake View Post
That is absolutely disgusting...
Take a look at my post a couple pages back. I put the prototype's front end next to a '14 front end. Doesn't even look that much different from the current car other than the headlights and hood.

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