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Originally Posted by jsimmons View Post
The manifold is available without throttle bodies.My question is would it be feasible to come up with an air box that bolts directly to the intake runner flange (where the individual throttle bodies normally bolt on).

The air boxes would come together at the front at the engine, and there would be a flange at the front where a single throttle body would bolt on (like the stock application.

Careful engineering would allow us to use a GT or Boss throttle body at approximately the same position as the OEM GT/Boss locatn at the front of the motor, and would then allow us to use a GT CAI.
All good thoughts, however no one is going to throw down the R and D on that type of undertaking because they would never make any money due to the small percentage of owners willing to part ways with well over a thousand dollars for a few extra horsepower.

Perhaps we should be talking to Edlebrock about this. They have been making efforts to break into the late model mustang market for some time with their TVS roots style inverted supercharger kits for the 4.6 and 5.0 engines. They have the rapid prototyping and extensive knowledge of designing N/A intake manifolds for decades. If they where motivated and could come out with even a cast aluminum or composite intake that where more of a long runner with 5.0 throttle body. If they had a 3.7 to get the dimensions off of they could probably spit out a prototype in a couple weeks. They make intakes for everything else, seems logical they would go after this if someone opened their eyes to the potential market so long as the price point where realistic.

The approximate cost of a new stock intake ported is about 500, so if they had a custom job for about 600 they would unload a few. More and more people are going to end up hot rodding these motors once they figure out how inexpensive and practical it is.

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