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Originally Posted by roboz
I'm (car) naked here..with a sold stang sitting in my driveway ...& paid for don't want to take it out ...meanwhile ..waiting forever on the shelby(s) so I revisited the C-6 ....test drove a vert w/paddle shift but pretty anemic....the auto's have 2:59 rears WTH ! Wife doesn't want to mess w/a stick but after driving the relatively slow vert ...a yellow Z06 caught my eye ...I may take it for a test drive ...scared that if I do ...the heck w/the old lady ...those 505 horses from that 427 aluminum engine...with carbon fiber fenders...magnesium engine mount , titanium valves , hydroformed aluminum frame...heads up display & Nav name just a few goodies ...are starting to look aweful appealing ....this commercial however is keeping me grounded ....although the $$$ is burning the proverbial hole ....
I think I could be happy w/the Z06 & a shelby vert LOL

I say keep one stang......a shelby vert would be nice...but a Z06 would be crazy! I know of someone that has an 06 C6, and its an auto and your right, they are very anemic. He took it to a shop and had 4:09 gears, long tubes, full catback, cold air and tune, and it totally woke up the car! But can you imagine that in a Z06... a stock 11 second street car that has all the luxury items is a heck of a car if you ask me. Your a lucky man...keep me posted.
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