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Originally Posted by FutureSound View Post
So what do you plan on doing with your Auto? you going to row it through the 1-2-3 as you need? I was wondering how it'd play out if I wanted to one day autocross, so let me know how it goes.

And yeah 740 is right the throttle is a bit twitchy on the 93R, it likes to jump out.
At the last event, I tried starting out and left it in 2nd, and it wasn't fast enough off the line (of course, it might have been me making a concerted effort not to waste time/tries by doing a burn out at the start). I never really had to shift up/down. I was trying to avoid shifting because the lag between gears and the softness of the shift (even when shifting manually) would not have been beneficial.

I have a feeling the new tires are gonna cause me to go into 3rd on courses that don't especially favor little tiny cars.

I'll contact Bama about a 93R tune with something between 87P and 93R in terms of throttle calibration. I want better response, but I don't necessarily want to launch the car to the moon by breathing on the pedal.

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