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Lots of Idiots bought their Stang Gts for over sticker and now they are crying.
We told them that they were idiots and the prices will drop fast,nobody believed it.
Prices will keep dropping and many are NOT crying because the Smart ones waited and bought theirs at Invoice or even less....
Screw the dealers I felt and that means everyone around me except for the dealer that got me my stang Gt at Invoice from and I will buy from him in the future.......
No wonder ford and gm is going going broke and their stocks are rated as JUNK...
You will see in the next 10 years Ford and GM will not be making any cars in this country,,,alllll the cars will be Toyotas with the fords names on them......
Yea in 10 years you can buy a 2016 Mustang GT made by Toyota from
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