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One thing I always kept in mind was that the guy next to me was just there to bench mark. The first couple of times you go at it don't "race" calm down and figure out your car. I tell you this because when I first went I had all these ideas of what I was going to do, then when I got on the line my competitiveness took over and instead of feathering the clutch I would dump it. After a couple of runs and your nerves get settled a little then you can start thinking about smokin people. Don't launch above 2500 RPMs either... you just wont hook... once you get your Nittos put on you'll be good to go. I think the only time I spun my Nitto DRs was when I dumped it from about 5000 RPMs... just wanted to see whay I could get away with. Have fun dude, and don't let people see you shaking after your first run.
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