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Originally Posted by OracleHCR View Post
Well the 50 HP more the coyote is supposed to have might help you with that "Mustang feel" you are concerned about. All the haters will change their minds once they sit next to one at a red light and it roasts the tires off. They'll say: Yep. It's a Mustang.
People saying this render doesn't look anything like a Mustang kill me. Because we all know the fox looked just like all previous Mustangs. And of course the SN95's looked exactly like the fox. Get over it. The Mustang has evolved over the years and in a couple years some, not all, but some people will be saying "this is the best Mustang style ever" just like some do with the original, the fox body, the sn95 and the s197.
The best thing to do is to wait and see the finished product before you make your minds up. I have faith that Ford will put out an amazing car.
I agree. You need to have owned several generations of Mustangs to really get the feel of what a Mustang is, and believe, a Fox was very similar in many ways to the 65 Mustang (all proportions and even size wise for example).

I donīt have a problem with a new generation Mustang because: a) An Old Mustang is still a Mustang, and I still like the old generations, and b) As much as I love the Fox Mustang, I wouldnīt want Ford to turn the current model into the Fox II - meaning letting it grow old. the current generation has been great but its been here since 05.

I welcome progress, and I bet we will see the best Mustang ever with the 50th anniversary, just because the Mustang has gotten better with every generation (save the 74-78)...

The good thing about Mustangs is that they are social... they like to share the garage with the older generations, they donīt get jealous if you get a new one and keep the old one... LOL. I for sure am going to do that. As soon as I take ownership of my 2010 V6 (its a company car) I will trade it for a used GT (11 to 14) and then order a 50th anny!

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