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Newb Dyno Performance ?

Hey guys, I've been reading the posts on this forum for awhile, but just now decided to join. I am a first time Mustang owner (since June of this year) and have a 05' GT automatic.

I did some minor mods to the car: a S&B CAI, Helix Power Tower Throttle-body Spacer, and Flowmaster mufflers. The S&B is supposed to add 25 RWHP with no tune, the Spacer 5-10. I've read in several posts and magazines that the auto Gt's average around 250 to 255 rwhp. So, I decide to take my car to a dyno to get tuned and tested and see what I got.

This is where things get depressing. Now, I wasn't expecting 350+ rwhp, but I was looking for 280-290. Once on the dyno, I was pulling 232 rwhp and 255 trq. How sad is that? Anyway, I'm thinking that it's because of the mods and the tune will fix it. Well, after an hour + of tuning, my final numbers are 232 rwhp and 269 trq.

Could this be right? I just can't seem to believe the car could be this weak. The guys at this shop are well known in the area (2 hours from me) and tune modified Mustangs all the time. To make things worse, now my check engine light is coming on with P0172 & P0175 which are both system too rich.

Just to let you know, this what my first Dyno experience so I'm very new to tuning and dynoing. I do know the dyno is a SuperFlow and he said it the Mustang dyno type. The car feels like it runs 10X better than before, but the numbers are embarrassing.

I apologize for the long post, I guess I'm venting. I'm just wondering if anybody thinks this could be right, or if anybody else has had such low performance numbers.

Thanks and I enjoy all the posts.

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