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Originally Posted by roboz
Yo , Sin thanks for the tip ..if I end up w/ a vette auto , those mods definately sound worthy intention all along was to just keep the gt500 vert ...only reason I ordered 2 was that the opportunity presented itself @ marginally over sticker pretty much figured I'd flip the coupe ...unlike dealers however I would list on ebay a @ my cost & where ever it ended up is fine by me...the vette has ALLOT more polish , amenities etc..than the stang & the Z06 is pretty incredible ...Quite frankly I find what the dealers have done w/the shelby's pretty distasteful & IMO it paints a pretty crappy picture for ford who's struggling no less...they should have just ramped up to meet demand ..period ..why alienate customers ??

On another note I noticed a dealer in vegas selling an XLR-V pretty cheap ....for 60K that would be a hell of a car
I agree with that..I'm taking it mostly out on Carol Shelby.

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