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Originally Posted by belew01
Thanks for the comments. The re-tune for 4th gear really makes sense. I can also see why the guy didn't do it. I imagine it takes more time, and I was down there on a Saturday. He probably didn't want to spend anymore time with it since I'm not modded very much.
To answer another reply above, the car makes no funny noises and seems to run great. I do still have the engine light on though.

Looks like I will make an appointment with Delk Performance (recommended) and see what happens.

Thanks to all
I hope that's not his philosophy, that he's not gunna spend too much time on it cuz you're not really modded. Bamachips and Brenspeed have great customer service and an even better reputation cuz they help you out until the car is running as it should dispite the mods you have.

How did he get a good reputation in tuning if you came out with an intake, exhaust, and 25 less HP?

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