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The "Latest" rendering in the Mag. "Car and Driver" looks....Well I guess OK. But what I DONT like is the fact that they have quoted a "Higher Up from Ford" revealing that for 2016, the Top of the Line GT-350 will sport a Completely NEW Engine that will displace around 5.4L be NA, BUT, it will be a "Flat Plane Crankshaft" Ferrari style Motor that will Rev to the Moon and put out around 600 HP I say YUK!! ...... As a Flat Planed Crank engine sounds like 2 Four Cylinders "Bolted" together!....This is NOT how an American V8 is supposed to Sound!.....I NEVER Liked the way those Euro-V8's sounded......Look up "Flat Planed Crankshaft" engines (Wikipedia) for those that want a complete understanding of the difference...

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