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Originally Posted by roboz
Well I'm pretty close to a Z06 ..I should know in a day or 2 .
Only delay is 2 vintage ragtop mopars I came across to confuse the issue.

As for the XLR-V ....The vegas dealer wanted 85K w/an 80K opening bid...I was only saying IF they offered a car like that for 60K it would be a sweet car.

Meanwhile My ford dealer had a cancellation on a shelby order it's in house but they won't switch it & sell to me for our agreed price. Which kinda blows.

Getting pretty frustrated w/delays & the way the GT500 seems to just trickle into the market. I know , Ford's an auto company hurting for sales so lets take a car people actually want to pay 40+K for & sell 2000 instead of 20,000.

BTW- Hire an aerospace CEO & pay him 20 Mil & layoff/buyout 75K employees ... instead
They should learn from the CEO of Cisco Systems, he took a pay cut so that they wont have to lay off a bunch of workers.. his salary is $1... i dont know about now, but it think Cisco is doing better than they were in 2002.
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