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Originally Posted by belew01
I did have it dyno tuned. I first ordered a SCT X2 and talked to the guys over the phone to tell them my mods and such. They sent me the tuner with their custom tune on it and I flashed the car myself. About a month later (which was last Saturday), I decided to let them tweak it in person, plus I was curious what the car was running. They tuned it on the dyno 3 or 4 times, with no HP gain, but I got about 13 more torque out of it.

The program they had also calculates what you would pull on a Dynojet, and that only got me about 10 more HP. Their dyno showed 232 HP, the "Dynojet" was at 241. Both were low to me. I'm going to try another shop and see if I can get some normal numbers.
Those numbers are puzzling. Was that on 93 octane? What did the A/F ratio look like on the dyno? Can you post your dyno graph?

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