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Originally Posted by jsimmons View Post
The SCT tuner doesn't allow you to mess with any values in the tune. I don't know if that's because of the tuner itself, or the tune being locked somehow.

I'm going to manually shift, so the "automatic" part of the equation is off the table. Weight distribution is (or should be right around stock values. I still have to relocate the battery (I have the parts for that, it's just been too freakin' hot to work on the car).

I might also be adding a trailer hitch (so I can build myself a tire trailer), so that will add about 30 pounds to the back of the car.

I sent Bama a question about an auto-cross-specific tune. I don't expect an answer before tomorrow afternoon.
Good idea. You're already apart of the Free Tunes for Life program, so you mies well take advantage of it!

If you have any questions or troubles contacting Bama just let me know. I'll get you in contact with one of my best Bama Specialists if needed! Just send me your First/Last name and shipping address via PM.

Although, I don't anticipate you'll have any issues. Our Bama Team is excellent at fine tuning for particular uses like Auto-cross!


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