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Originally Posted by BerryBlack37 View Post
Hello everyone. I recently took a trip to Thompson International Speedway and averaged 37 mpg traveling I-395 N. I'll admit there were more downhills than uphills and I had my cruise control set at 55 mph, no A/C. The EPA rates the Mustang at 19/31.

But get this- I currently have a 93 Bama Tune, Aluminum Driveshaft, staggered 18" wheels, and AFE cold air intake installed. Automatic. 2.73 gearing. So can anyone/has anyone out there beat 37 mpg highway fuel economy?
Very impressive! That's one of the highest MPG's I've heard of one the forums, coming from a long trip that is. Maybe I missed it, but did you try hand calculating the number too?


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