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Originally Posted by kj_cinci
A hole for the S&W...?? thought it made holes...?? Us girls (and Mel Gibson) favor the 'tiny' 9 mm Beretta... metric make me feel all warm and toasty!!
I like the M9, I just don't have faith in the 9mm. I know this is silly (completely mental) b/c it's about the same as a .38 in actual ballistic performance, and I've carried a little S&W lightweight .38 for years.

The m9 is quite accurate, very manageable, very little recoil, high magazine capacity, and cheap to shoot. It's a great choice for a combat sidearm.

There is a .40 version, the 96, that I love.

But the thingie in the trunk...I still say it's a shart separator valve!

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